What needs to be on a document for recording purposes?

Among other things county staff reviews documents presented for recording against the requirements listed below. Failure to meet these, among other possible requirements, may cause your document to be rejected:

  • Date Of Execution
  • Name Of Grantor/grantee / Mortgagor/mortgagee
  • Complete Legal Description
  • Proper Acknowledgement (Notary Seal/stamp, Signatures, Marital Status When Applicable
  • "Drafted By" Statement

Other documents may require:

  • Reference Document Number
  • State And County of Venue
  • Mortgage- Secured Amount
  • Deeds/contract For Deed- electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value (eCRV) Required If Sale Involved
  • Total Consideration Statement
  • Deeds/contract For Deed- Well Statement /Disclosure
  • Deeds/contract For Deed -Grantee Statement (Name and Address of Grantee)

Please note: When drafting a legal document, it is advisable to seek legal advice from an attorney to ensure your document has the intended effect. County staff does not give out legal advice.

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