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Consent and Authorization for Release of Health Information -- Minnesota Department of Health

  1. Public Health Letterhead v2
    Information obtained since the date of enrollment in the home visiting program by the home visiting agency may be shared with and stored by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). MDH and its contractors will use the information for administering and evaluating this and other federal, state, county and tribal programs. MDH may share certain information about Family Home Visiting (FHV) clients with other FHV providers for program administration purposes. The data will not affect your access to services.
    Permits submitting information required for reporting to funding sources.
  5. Agency/Provider/Family/Other: Minnesota Department of Health Family Home Visiting Reporting System
  6. Please select how you wish to participate in the information sharing.*
  7. Signing this form means that you understand the following:
    1) I am giving permission for the release and exchange of information on me and my child(ren) as listed; 2) I will be given medical help even if I do not give permission to share my information; 3) I may cancel this consent at any time by writing to any agency listed above; 4) A cancellation request does not apply to information already shared.
  8. I agree and consent to providing a digital signature.
  9. This form will be reviewed yearly and does not expire unless there is an information sharing change.
    A photocopy of this document shall be honored as the original.
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